Remedies for post massage soreness

post massage sorness

Feeling soreness means part of your body is tender to touch and it is a little bit puffy due to massage you received. You feel mild pain and sometimes slight swelling after deep corrective massage.

Many people get surprised by the experience but it is totally normal to experience that after some types of massage especially deep tissue massage. Getting a corrective deep tissue massage is a bit similar to having a tough workout.

Your muscles get manipulated and stretched during the session at the same time blood circulation increase in your tight spots. The process is supposed to be smooth and fluid but some muscles get tight, kinked or strained also known as knots.

When massage is done it may lead to after day tenderness because massage tries to lengthen, stretch and breakout the knots in the muscles.

This is normal especially if receive a massage when you are dehydrated, your muscles tissue won’t be pliable and more soreness will be felt afterwards. But now, how to deal with post massage soreness is the key.

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Remedies for post massage Soreness.

  • Eat right- sore muscles needs protein in addition with fats and curbs to repair itself. But it is important to drink a lot of water before and after massage session because when you are dehydrated your muscles soreness and cramps will increase.stretching sore muscle
  • Ice-it aids in reducing inflammation in sore muscles. It is advisable to start using ace after first two days of a massage session when you feel you may have significant amount of soreness
  • Heat- help get rid soreness by relaxing the muscle and bringing more blood on affected muscles hence speeding up recovery. Heat is easily applied on sore muscle by taking a hot shower or bath using either hot tub or heat packs.
  • Alternate heat and ice treatments-through switching back and forth ice and heat. Applying the two alternatively, helps you to get the benefits of both, you will reduce inflammation with ice and increase blood flow in sore muscle by heat hence speeding up massage soreness marysville
  • Epsom salt baths- having a bath with around 200-400 grams of Epsom salt for around 10-20 minutes helps relax your sore muscles. It also decreases inflammation on sore muscle by increasing blood flow on the muscles. Apart from taking bath you have an option of use rag soaked in warm water with Epsom salt and place the rag over sore muscle. It will help reduce soreness on your muscles.
  • Cherry juice- studies shows that anthocyanins and flavonoids in cherry juice can help prevent muscle soreness because it speeds up recovery after massage or intense exercise.
  • Massage-some kind of massage can help reduce tension on sore muscles like active release technique (ART) massage therapy. Other simple oiled massage can also help.
  • Pills- you can also take pills like Arnical pills which will increase your recovery from soreness.
  • Rest- is the obvious to many and even your common sense will tell you to have a rest until you recover from sore muscle. Resting allows your body to cool down slowly and recover from the session.

We should know that massage should not make you feel irritated after the session but make you feel good and love yourself even more. Soreness is normal and part of the recovery from a corrective massage. Hope you got the notion and you enjoyed the content of the article. You can comment and even share the article is you like it.

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