Should I get a massage while sick

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Getting a massage while sick? Consider this…

Being sick is no fun at all, dealing with a runny nose, a fever, different aches and pains can truly be a nightmare.

The best cures for illness are rest and hydration, however many people believe getting massages while they are ill may help them feel better. There are both positive and negative factors to consider about getting a massage when ill.

While it is true that massages may relieve stress, muscle tension, and benefit the immune system, there are many other factors to consider which may impact the ill body in negative ways.

Let’s start with the negatives…

Adding Waste to Waste

As a persomassage while sickn gives another a massage, the muscles of the receiver are being worked in ways that are unusual for the muscle to be worked everyday. The massage increases the rate of blood circulation and waste circulation as well.

Being pushed in and out, side to side, the muscles release a metabolic waste which quickly exits the system because of all of this commotion. These wastes rush to the sinuses of the person receiving the massage in order to exit the body.

It is in this way that it could be a horrid experience for the ill person.

While they are already ill and are congested deeply, the massage produces more waste for their body to deal with, pushing the waste to areas that are already packed with congestion.


Caring About Those Around You

Needless to say, the best way to protect the rest of the population from illness would be for people who are ill to stay home and away from others.

When getting a massage, this basic rule is breached instantly.

Massaging another person creates direct contact and can clearly be recognized as an extremely easy way to get sick from another person.

As the person massages the sick individual; germs, bacteria, and viruses are all being spread from the sick to the healthy individual.

This spreading of an illness just for a massage is undoubtedly unnecessary and totally avoidable.

Those were some negative reasons, now let’s take at a couple of reasons that you may want a massage even though you’re sick.

Relief while you’re sickgetting sick

Oh sweet relief, what would we do without you! Getting a massage is the key to relief. It is undeniably so, when receiving a good massage, the receiver of the massage feels like a brand new person. This applies ten fold when the receiver is ill!

Tight spots, congested spots, and sore spots all over the body are shaken loose and made comfortable to deal with.

Massage will push away extra waste created in the body and muscles, and if timed according to the illness, the sick individual may experience no discomfort.

Healing the body

When planned correctly and according to the sickness a person may have, massages have proven to speed up recovery time.

This means that the body will recover faster when receiving massages at the right times then it would if the body did not receive massages while ill. There are also many different techniques that may be used for special illnesses.

These massage techniques target the exact illness and provide relief for those specific areas. For example, the common cold’s cough and the flu may be treated in different ways, with different techniques.

At the end of the day, it is the choice of the one who is sick to make.sick in bed

There are both positive and negative factors to consider when pondering whether to get a massage or not while being sick. Make these decisions with great research and help everyone stay as healthy as possible!

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