What is Lymph Drainage Therapy?

Are you full of it?

Toxins of course!

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The lymphatic system is a powerhouse that protects the body from harmful cells that may enter the body at any given time. For humans, he lymphatic system takes care of a lot of potential toxins, so why not take care of the system as well!

Manual lymph drainage therapy is a fantastic way to naturally release and drain lymph, which is a fluid that transports waste away from tissues in the body and towards the heart to be drained. There are many benefits that come with lymph drainage therapy as well.

Some of these benefits are detoxification of the body, healing of tissue in the body and diminishing the symptoms of chronic fatigue. The massages may aid the body against insomnia (not being able to sleep), stress, and even loss of memory.

For the most part, treating the lymph system is fairly straightforward, although there are some other methods​ that utilize essential oils and aromatherapy that can also aid in stimulating and detoxifying the lymphatic system.

What is the Lymphatic System?

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The human body is home to many systems that provide different services for the body. One of the most important systems for the body, especially health-wise, is the lymphatic system. Constructed by a web of lymphatic vessels, the lymphatic system plays an enormous role in the immune system, which protects a person from diseases, viruses, and so on.

The lymphatic vessels, aforementioned, transport a translucent fluid called lymph throughout the body. Lymph contain numerous amounts of white-blood cells, which are absolutely vital in fighting foreign diseases, viruses, and infections that try to infest the body.

This network of lymphatic vessels aids the body to release and cleanse itself of toxic bodies, foreign bodies, and other wastes that are not wanted in the body. The tonsils, adenoids, thymus, and spleen help to make up the lymphatic system as well. Each of these organs play a role in producing cells that fight harmful bodies that may enter a person's body.

Lymphatic Massage Decreases Inflammation in the Body

Lymphatic massages are known to decrease the rates of inflammation in the body. As inflammation rates and amounts increase throughout the body, simply massaging these specific areas with specific techniques may decrease inflammation substantially.

As one receives a lymphatic massage, the flow of lymph rises and becomes more efficient instantly. This increase of flow, because of the lymphatic massage, directly aids the immune system to fight against disease. This massage has the ability to clear waste and dead tissue formed by swelling.

Most of the lymphatic vessels are located directly under the skin, which means that the lymphatic massages would have a greater impact and influence in aiding them. The massages would come into direct contact with the lymphatic vessels, increase the flow of the nasty waste and other inflammation out of the body. Those who receive such massages will definitely see healing come faster to them.

Look Younger; Massaging Lymph Nodes in the Face

lymph nodes in the head

For hundreds and hundreds of years, people have been searching for the answer on how to stay young. Massaging lymph nodes in the face is one of the answers and also one of the cheapest ways!

When using the correct techniques and applying them in the correct areas, massaging lymph nodes in the face helps with reducing sinus inflammation, puffy eyes, and even has an ability to make the face look slimmer and tighter.

How is that for keeping that young look?! With these lymph massages for the face, bloated faces can be shaped into tighter more defined faces in no time. The massages drain and force the waste and inflammation out of the face. These fluids will move out of the tissues in the face and into your lymph nodes where the bad organisms and bodies of diseases and viruses are destroyed.

How Massaging Lymph Nodes Helps the Nervous System

Although for years it has been thought that the Central Nervous System does not have any lymph nodes to help drain fluids, recent studies have been showing otherwise. Scientists are now starting to connect the dots between the Central Nervous System and the lymphatic system. While there are no direct lymph nodes in the brain, there are other vessels that transport fluids away from the brain just like the lymphatic vessels! CSF, or cerebralspinal fluid, is drained from the brain and the spinal cord into the cervical lymph nodes. There is a direct connection right there! Once again, massaging specific areas around the head and neck may lighten the inflammation and waste settling in the Nervous System.

Side Effects of Lymphatic Drainage Massage

While getting these lymphatic drainage massages is a wonderful idea as it rids the body of unnecessary toxins and wastes, there are side effects to be wary of. One of the most known side effects of the lymphatic drainage massage is the Herxheimer Reaction, which is a short term reaction to the massages.

This reaction includes headaches, body aches, joint and muscle pains, nausea, chills, and sweating. This short term reaction to the massages only lasts a few days to a few weeks and then the side effects diminish instantly. However, this reaction can easily be viewed as the body telling you that the parasites, diseases, viruses, and wastes are being destroyed and erased from the body. Pain is weakness leaving the body!

When weighing in the good and the bad, it is obvious that the lymphatic drainage massages are more beneficial to a person than not. Clearing the body of nasty fluids, inflammation, virus bodies, and so on, should be a priority to everyone. By freeing these vessel pathways with massages that promote vessel and lymph flow, lymphatic massages have been shown to teach the lymph system the path to a healthier immune system.

This will provide so many health benefits in the long run. As well as aiding the immune system and a person's health, the lymphatic massages are able to make the skin on your face tighter when using the correct techniques and making it a habit. After injuries or other situations where lymph vessels may be packed with inflammation and wastes, lymphatic massages can prove to be an amazing assistance in the process of healing.

The lymphatic system is a powerhouse that shields our bodies and cleans them. With these massages we can help aid our lymphatic systems to be stronger than they ever were!