how often should you get massage therapy

You may have asked yourself before;

How often should you get a massage?

Massages can be therapeutic and provide various health benefits for both professional athletes and us working stiffs alike.

If you’ve had one or two massage treatments in the past you have certainly enjoyed some of the short term benefits of getting one. There are quite a few reasons for you to get a massage, but you may also be asking yourself a couple of questions;

How much is too much?

Do I need to let my body rest between treatments?

Many people suggest that you have massages on an ongoing basis to keep you feeling relaxed and centered.

Massage therapy is not a treatment to replace standard medical practices. However, getting massage therapy in conjunction with doctors advice can go a long way to getting you feeling better much faster.

A quick look at some massage benefitsbody awareness

From the start, massages when done regularly by a professional therapist can help you with pain management. Your massage therapist can concentrate on stiff muscles and your particular problem areas as well as prepare a treatment plan based on your needs.

The pressure will help loosen muscles and increase the blood flow to your affected joints. It’s especially beneficial for those who have desk jobs all day.

Sitting down puts a lot of strain on your shoulders and lower back, and receiving regular massages can help relieve some of the pressure from bad posture while sitting or just excessive sitting generally.

Another benefit that attracts people massage therapy, is that massages can help you manage your stress. High levels of stress can take a toll on your body in the long term and considered unhealthy.sunset meditation

For example, high stress has been attributed to high blood pressure and anxiety. Relaxation massage is designed to help you wind down, feel good and take you away from all the troubles daily life can bring. In many cases, literally taking the world off of your shoulders since that’s where most people carry their stress is in their neck and shoulders.

Get sick a lot? Massage therapy helps improve the immune system

In a study that was published back in 2010, there were some tests run with some Swedish Massage Therapy techniques to see if there really would be some benefits. The study showed data to show that yes, massage therapy has health benefits beyond just relaxation.

In preliminary research results, measurable beneficial effects on the body were shown. The full study is available online for you to read and purchase (non affiliate link), shows the difference between a light touch massage and Swedish Massage Therapy.stress free

Do you suffer from a lot of headaches? A published study from the University of Grenada in Spain provide that there was some short term positive effects for massage therapy as well.

Again, this doesn’t replace your traditional medicine but it will certainly help give you an alternative and give you another ‘tool’ in your pain management toolbox. The studies also showed that overall tension was lowered, anger was reduced and the perception of how painful the headache was less.massage on the beach

If you want to extend the long term benefits of your massages, it’s suggested that you get massages often. Again, consult your therapist and find out what treatment techniques will be the best benefit and what your ongoing treatment plan should be.

Of course, you have to arrange these sessions according to your budget and your time but the benefits are most definitely something to keep in mind. Keep in mind light touch massage may not have the same benefits as a Swedish Massage, but it can still have some relaxing effects.

Go out there and embrace the massage goodness, you will be glad you did!

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