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How massage can help reduce your pain: A quick guide

How many times have you sought to reduce your pain through drug treatment or other means?

You stack medications on top of each other and worry about side effects.

Or something worse…


Let’s take a look at this quick primer on how massage therapy can help without addiction or expensive procedures.massage reduces pain marysville wa

As always, make sure you consult your doctor before getting started.

Pain is responsible for 80 percent of physician visits in the United States according to Peak Fitness. Since ancient times, the touch of a hand has been used to relieve pain.

As children, When we banged our knees in a tricycle accident, we involuntarily rubbed the sore spot to bring relief.

The healing power of a well-placed hand is so vivid that every society has used massage to relieve pain.

In fact, the term “Massage” alone elicits stress relief and deep relaxation.

Before you lie down on that massage table or climb that massage chair, this article will help you to answer the question, “How does massage help reduce pain?”

How Does Massage Help Reduce Pain?

It Increases Blood Circulation to sore muscles and Joints.reduce inflammation marysville wa

According to the University of Minnesota, massage improves lymph and blood circulation.

This is partially due to chemicals released as part of the relaxation response and partly due to the physical manipulation of the soft tissues. Enhanced blood and lymph circulation improves the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the muscle cells.

As the health of cells improves, tissues function more efficiently leading to increased absorption of excess fluids, reduced swelling in soft tissues and removal of waste products.

It Releases Natural Painkillers.

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine carried out animal studies to find out the role of massage in pain reduction.

According to their findings, massage triggers the release of natural painkillers known as opioids in the brain. These natural painkillers are excellent chronic pain relievers, especially after an injury or an exhaustive exercise session.

It Reduces Inflammation.inflammation marysville

McMaster University researchers discovered that massage influences the activity of specific genes; helping to directly reduce muscle inflammation.

The research included eleven determined young men who were ready to engage in exhaustive stationary bike riding.

After the workout, each man received a ten-minute massage on one leg; the other leg served as a control.

Biopsies were also taken from their leg muscles before and after the aerobic exercise; immediately after the massage session and also two and half hours later.

Researchers discovered that massage sets off a series of molecular events that help to reverse the discomfort brought about by intense exercise.

According to their findings, massage inhibited the activity of inflammatory cytokines, proteins that cause pain and inflammation.

Additionally, it increases the amount of proteins that enhance production of mitochondria, the cell organelles that initiate energy production and aid in muscle recovery after intense exercise.

It Brings Relaxation.laying in the grass marysville wa

When muscles are massaged, they occasionally compress nerves around them.

When these muscles are relaxed, nerves are no longer under compression.

Relaxed nerves and muscles can get nutrients and function more efficiently. This effect reduces pain since not only muscles but also nerves, tendons, and ligaments are properly relaxed.

It Speeds up the Flow of Oxytocin

Animal studies have also established that massage speeds up the flow of oxytocin.

Apart from helping in muscle relaxation, this hormone encourages the feeling of contentment and calmness.

Contentment and calmness lead to lower stress and clearer thinking in dealing with daily problems.

Wrapping it up…

Massage eases pain and promotes healing in different ways.injury managment services marysville wa

Both health professionals and athletes have long believed that massage improves blood flow, eases inflammation and reduces muscle soreness.

If you are suffering from chronic or brief pain, giving massage a try might be a wise move.

What do you think about how massage helps to reduce pain?

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