Chinese remedies for gout

chinese remedies for gout

Chinese remedies for gout

Many don’t understand just what gout is or how painful it can be.

Gout is a form of arthritis that causes pain and joint inflammation.

It occurs when excessive uric acid increases in your body and deposits in the joints or/and soft tissues. Sometimes your body can generate access uric acid and the kidney fails to filter enough out, the acid will build in the blood and deposit in the joints.

This will cause stiffness, inflammation, intense pain and excessive warmth in the affected area.gout

The first symptom of gout that is usually noticed is the painful swelling of a single joint, often in the feet and specifically in the big toe. Gout is so painful that people seek any and all available treatment options including Chinese remedies for pain managment.

What Causes Gout?

Gout is caused or triggered when an excessive amount of Uric acid has built up in your body or in your blood and causes inflammation in the joints. When Uric Acid levels get too high it can lead to crystals forming in the joints which in turn causes the inflammation to occur.

Depending on the foods you eat and how your kidneys are able to remove the Uric Acid can determine whether or not you will suffer from gout. Here’s a quick list of health problems that can lead to gout.causes of gout

You are likely to get gout if:

Your family members has disease.

You drink alcohol to much. You have organ transplant.

You are overweight.

You have enzyme defect that makes it hard for your body to break down purines.

Consuming too many foods which is rich in purines.

Using some medicines like aspirin, diuretics, levodopa or cyclosporine Being exposed to a lot of lead in your working environment.

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Chinese remedies for gout

Chinese herbalism dates back to approximately 2582 B.C. and is generally associated with three emperors;

Fu Hsi, Shen Nung and Huang Ti.

Herbal Remedies

Meadow Saffron

Meadow saffron is believed to be the common and best Chinese medicine against gout. The medicinal or active ingredient in the Meadow Safforn herb which plays a vital role is called colchicines.meadow saffron for gout

Meadow is very strong and can cause a wide variety of side effects when taken in high concentrations, so caution should be used. It is advisable to dilute the herb low concentration.

It is better to discontinue the use of the medicine if you experience any of the following side effects; pain, diarrhea, weakness or vomiting etc. and is recommended only by a doctor’s prescription.

If all goes well without any complications, the patient may be able to stop medication once symptoms are reduced in a short amount of time.

Four marvel pill

Four marvel pill (Sio Miao Wan) is a Chinese traditional medicine for treating gout attacks. The formula is composed of different ingredients like polygoni, licorice, alisma, lonicetra stem, cuspidate, coicis, melia spirit and hoelen to name a few ingrediants.

This medicine may help to lower uric acid amounts in the blood, help reduce swelling, reduce pain and redness in the joints. Normally, the medicine is prescribed to be taken at a daily dosage for about ten days.

Gout Chi

Gout chi is another Chinese herb helpful in getting rid of irritation, pain and swelling around affected joints and is highly recommended for preventing future attacks. It can also reduce the level of the acid in the blood because it stimulates the flow of urine in the kidney.

It has a different ingredient in its composition formula including alisma, smilax root, clematis, coin grass, sophora and plantaiukn seed.

Cupping and herbal combocupping therapy

Blood-letting cupping is used in china as remedy for gout as a non medicinal approach to treatment.

However, when coupled with an herbal regimen, it can help patients satisfactorily treat gout arthritis. It is very important to consult trained practitioner before using this type of remedy.

Burdock Root

Burdock root is another herbal remedy that reduces swelling and inflammation in tissues. This root is edible, and can either eaten raw like salad or cooked first before eating, and is naturally helpful in reducing edema. The side effects are rashes or contact dermatitis.burdock root


Dandelion is being used both as TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and in Western herbal medicine. It reduces edema and swelling around the joint and stimulates uric acid excretion which causes gouty arthritis. Most Herbalists tend to use dandelion due to its anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties.

Er miao Wan

Another great herbal option that has received great reviews, is the herbal supplement Er miao Wan, which has been also been shown to reduce elevated uric acid.

Just remember…

Along with taking Chinese or western medicines, it is important to monitor your diet and discontinue the use or intake of purine rich foods, protein rich foods, sea food, and alcohol, especially if you have been diagnosed with gout.

Also increase your water intake to aid your body in the elimination of uric acid. Large consumption of fruits like purple grapes, cherries, and blackberries as well as juicy fruit helps to reduce the swelling and pain caused by gout.

Chinese offer some of the best treating treating gout. Chinese remedies have been used for centuries and have proved that they can be reliable, and provide relief that many gout sufferers are looking for.

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