Car Accident Massage Therapy

Every year hundreds of people are involved in at least one of three levels of car accidents; Property damage, injury or fatal. Cars accidents no matter what level they are, can become a major problem that people are forced to deal with. Massage therapy is often overlooked by victims and medical professionals alike as a viable treatment after a car accident .

There are 13 primary ways to do massage, as wells as other treatments for the bodies various systems that can go a long way to help get car accident victims back on their feet again.

For our purposes here, we will not be focusing on property damage or fatal vehicle accidents. Property damage accidents are just that – damage to property such as another vehicle, fence, house etc. Fatal car accidents are also self explanatory.

That of course leaves us with injury car accidents. Injury motor vehicle accidents can and often do, require emergency medical attention. Often we suggest that even if you are involved in what you think is just a property damage accident, it’s best to have yourself checked out by medical professionals.

It seems obvious, but when you’re in an injury accident one of two scenarios will occur:

1. You will be transported to the hospital; either conscious or unconscious. In either case, you may be severely injured.

2. You will not be transported or you refuse to be transported to the hospital.

Car accident symptoms and injuries

If you have ever been in a motor vehicle accident, you know that certain symptoms while develop hours or even days after the collision. This is due in large to the after effects of adrenaline.

During and immediately after an auto accident you're 'hyped up' on adrenaline which can mask pain. It's after you've left the accident and had a chance to relax that the pain will really start to kick in.

Neck and or shoulder pain

Even in minor collision crashes the neck can suffer trauma known as “whiplash”. Whiplash is essentially the head moving forward abruptly (whipping) and back or to the side after the body received a sudden jolt.

This causes soreness in the neck, neck strain and headaches. The onset may be delayed approximately 24hr after initial trauma. Whiplash can be serious even in low speed collisions.

Whiplash is probably the most common injury experienced in a car accident.

Back injury

When the back suffers injury to the muscles and other soft tissues, back pain will ensue. In car accidents, this most often occurs in at least half of rear end collision accidents.

Pain in the abdomen and swelling after an accident

These signs may indicate that the victim has (or is) suffering from internal bleeding. Deep purple bruising, dizziness and fainting are symptoms. It could be life threatening, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Other internal injuries can include injuries to the bowels, spleen, liver or the aorta. A torn aorta can cause a person to bleed out internally and die at the seen in a matter minutes.

These injuries can be caused when someone experiences blunt force trauma during a vehicle crash. Examples would include striking a steering wheel.

Concussion or brain injury

A sudden personality change, impaired thinking, problems with senses (hearing, vision) may indicate that the person has suffered a traumatic brain injury or concussion.

Massage Therapy for auto accidents

There is a wide variety of massage therapy than can be applied to your particular situation. The important thing is to find a massage therapist that has the training and experience to:

1. Recognize the extent of your injuries sustained in the crash, and;

2. Have training in multiple disciplines so that they can apply the proper technique.

Think of it like building or repairing a house; you need an experienced contractor to assess your problem that has a lot of tools in his toolbox to get the job done.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage helps to relieve chronic muscle tension in the deep layers of muscles tissue and other soft tissues. It can be helpful in getting muscles that have become tense during a vehicle collision to relax. It is similar to Swedish massage.

Cranial Sacral Massage

This massage focuses on the head and spine (and other extremities in the area) and is the “weapon of choice” for treating headaches, spine, neck and back.

Swedish massage

This is the massage style that most people are familiar with. Swedish massage can go long way to help reverse trauma and shock that your body’s nervous system suffers after a car accident.

The massage technique itself uses five styles of strokes: Gliding, kneading, rhythmic tapping, friction and vibration or shaking.

Studies have shown Swedish massage to be effective in reducing low back pain for weeks at a time.

How long should I wait to get a massage after a car accident?

As we’ve stated earlier, make sure you seek professional medical attention and have an understanding of your car accident injuries before seeking massage therapy.

If you’ve been involved in a car accident get help right away. After seeing a medical professional, choose a licensed professional massage therapist as soon as you reasonably can (within 48 hours if possible).

Your massage therapist will establish a treatment plan to help you feel better and get you on a path to recovery.

Keep in mind that many auto insurance companies will work with you in getting help from a massage therapist. Consult with your car insurance and find out if that benefit is available.