Best music for massage therapy

best music for massage therapy

Do you relax better when you listen to your favorite music?

Music takes us back to places we’ve been and conjures up great memories.

The right music during a massage can not only help you relax your body but also your mind.

Music by its own right can be an effective part of massage therapy because when you combine music with massage therapy it creates a relaxing atmosphere.

Selecting the right music can enhance relaxing ambiance of the massage therapy session.

Massage therapists also rely on their client’s relaxation to have an optimal therapeutic result. Weather the client what massage for general well being, chronic pain or specific treatment, all bodyworks is enhanced when your body is relaxed.

The music should not be irritating during massage session because you will not be relaxed during the session, and treatment may not have the desired effect. Massage therapist should be aware of this direct effect of massage and relaxation and how best music can of importance in this case.

Music and Massage therapy sets the healing stage.

Massage music can supplement the healing process. But, when you add therapeutic touching, there is potential of a much deeper and faster healing process. Massage music bring the body, mind and spirit together to induce a relaxed state which enhance healing.

Together, the touch of the therapist and best music prepares you to release tension, stress, fear, worry and sometimes trauma. It is crucial to understand that healing isn’t enhanced by the music or the therapist. The healing is enhanced by you, when you are ready to heal through being in that relaxed state. Only in that state you will be able to truly let go of the condition affecting you.

How to Choose Massage Music

In most cases what makes excellent massage music is personal preference. Many people always prefer meditative or relaxing music during massage. But sometimes uplifting or energizing tunes can be a good choice though it depends on the atmosphere and massage modality.

Client Preference is Paramountsunset meditation

You as therapist, ask your clients the type of massage music they prefer. If the therapy music irritates your client, it doesn’t matter how greatly you like it, the client comes first.

When you rule he/she, they won’t get the intended benefit of massage session. Keeping a wide variety of music types to suit your client’s preferences is important.

Tips for Selecting Massage Music

Keep the following in mind when choosing massage music:

For relaxation, music with flowing melody with no sudden changes in tempo can be right choice simply because you want predictable, optimistic and soothing composition. Try to avoid music that might thread on religious beliefs.

It is advisable to avoid music with lyrics, as some people find lyrics not relaxing. Select music that does not have instruments that reach a high pitch (flute, saxophone for example) which can irritate a relaxed client. Water sounds should be dealt with some caution since it might stimulate some people’s need to urinate.

Some people find drumming music to be inducing a relaxing state while others find it too stimulating instead of bring relaxation.

Care should be taken with classical music because not all people love it, some hate it.

Best music for massage therapy

Music will set relaxation tone for you and if you get it right then it is a bonus for your therapy session. Get the best music needs you to dig deep into your soul and feel it.

  • For a soothing atmosphere, relaxation guitar massage music is a common choice for many therapists.
  • Natural music and healing piano massage music are best for those who want to unwind and then get a peaceful sleep
  • You may also go for native flute music during your massage session. Flute music is grounding, taking you back to your origin and allows you to feel at peace and safe.
  • There are recent new age music created for massage therapy, to bring that relaxation feeling and inner peace.

Get the right massage music is one of the key techniques of having a successful massage therapy session.

True relaxation and healing can help a person get centered and start their week off right.

What do you think? Do you have suggestions on your favorite artists or music? Let us know in the comments below.

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