Aromatherapy Massage Health Benefits

Aromatherapy is the science that uses the healing powers of essential oils. Aromatic essential oils are distilled from organic plant sources. These plants produce many natural phyto chemicals. Thus, essential oils have diverse therapeutic effects on the mind, body and spirit.

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Massage and Aromatherapy go hand in hand. In ancient Egypt, aromatic baths were a daily ritual. This was followed by a massage using aromatic oils made from cinnamon, rose, cedar wood, lilies, myrrh and so on.

The last Egyptian queen Cleopatra was famous for exotic massages, aromatic baths and perfumes. She lavishly used perfumes to seduce both Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony. In those days, aromatherapy massage was meant for relaxation, pleasant bodily scents, skin conditioning and overall healing.

Aromatherapy Massage - It's importance and health benefits

The true significance of an aromatherapy massage is to completely harmonize the mind and the body. Pure and natural essential oils both heal and beautify the body, emotions, and the psyche for a truly powerful and unique sensory experience. An aromatherapy massage is effective due to the ability of the essential oil to penetrate the skin layers and tissues.

This permits the oil to enter into the blood quickly and spread the therapeutic benefit throughout the body. The quality of the essential oil will directly affect the extent to which the positive health effects the oil can be derived.

Aromatherapy massage has been accepted today to play a role in relaxation, rehabilitation, and preventive health care in western medicine as well. These massages are offered as part of the health package in spas, beauty clinics resorts and wellness centers.

Essential oils need to be selected and used with care and caution before delivering an aromatherapy massage. Essential oils can either sedate or stimulate the recipient. Most oils are antibacterial and many anti-spasmodic.

There are many aromatherapy products available in the market today which contain synthetic substances. These do not give any therapeutic health benefits and can in fact cause adverse reactions.

Health Benefits for specific ailments with Aromatherapy Massage

PMS (premenstrual syndrome)Menopausal symptoms Digestive problems, Stress, Hypertension, Insomnia, Muscle and joint stiffness Lethargy and low energy levels...

These are some health conditions that respond very well to massage with essential oils. The important thing is to just get the body relaxed.

What You Can Expect

On your first visit for an aromatherapy massage, you will be expected to provide your therapist with in-depth information into your current state of health and wellbeing.

This is likely to take the form of an initial consultation. During this consultation, your therapist will need to ascertain if you have any illnesses or injuries that may affect the massage.

Your therapist may also want you to consider what factors in your life may be contributing to the symptoms you are experiencing. For example, backache or muscle tension might be related to stress at work or family worries.

The therapist will be looking to treat you as a 'whole' - mind, body and spirit. He or she will blend oils to relax and calm, to ensure you get the best from your aromatherapy massage.

A good therapist may also make suggestions for dealing with the issues that are contributing to your symptoms. They may suggest alternative forms of treatment or help.

Aromatherapy Massage - How does it work?

Armed with the information gathered from your consultation your therapist will select and blend essential oils that they feel best meet your individual need.

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The essential oil blend will be added to a 'carrier oil' and this will be used for your aromatherapy massage.

During the aromatherapy massage, much of the essential oils are inhaled and absorbed through the mouth and nose stimulating the production of relaxing, sedative euphoric or sedative neuro-chemicals, providing beneficial mental and emotional effects.

Choosing a Therapist

Massage is a very personable experience. It is important that you choose a therapist whom you are comfortable with, as you will be expected to remove some of your clothing, but only as much as you feel comfortable with.

Clear communication, understanding and consent are vital and you should feel confident to advise your therapist if any specific technique hurts, or you feel discomfort at any time.

An aromatherapy massage usually lasts about one hour, but can be shorter or longer on request. After the session, your therapist may suggest a blend of oils that you can continue to use at home.

The amount of sessions you have will depend on your personal circumstances. Many people recommend the use of aromatherapy massage as a maintenance tool to be used as often as possible.

Finding the right Aromatherapist for you

You should take the time to find a therapist with the appropriate skills and training. If in doubt you should ask to see any relevant certificates of training.

There are various professional bodies that you can contact for details of aromatherapy massage and a number of organizations will provide an aromatherapy massage in the comfort of your own home.

Aromatherapy Massage oil is nothing but a blend of various essential oils. Essential oils are blended so that the benefits of each essential oil gets or absorbed by the body while massaging. Because, each essential oil has its own characteristics of healing particular problem, so when it is blended; it provides benefit to whole body. It also helps in toning and moisturizing the skin, which further results in glowing and healthy skin.

In present scenario, there are many companies who supply and manufacture massage oils. But, while purchasing oil from the physical market the person must make sure that he buys the quality product because oil get inside the blood stream and veins through massaging. And, inferior quality massage oil can affect the body adversely. In addition, to the physical market seller's, there are many online sellers who sell their massage oil through online.

Thus, massage with massage oils in aromatherapy improves the personality, posture and thinking capability in the person. It also boosts up the energy level and provides enthusiasm to lead a positive life. It also tones up the body muscle and makes them strong and flexible. Thus, it will be right to say that massaging with aromatherapy massage oils improves the overall health of a person.

Massage and Aromatherapy - Precautions

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Although there are some good benefits to mixing these two disciplines together there are a few things that a potential client should be aware of.

Massage therapy generally should not be performed if you’re a person who has open wounds, rash, prone to blood clots or other skin diseases that may be infectious.

If you choose to mix aromatherapy with your massage, be sure to ask your therapist which type of scents or oils they may be using during the session. Some people have allergies to many of the essential oils used. Talk with your doctor first before your massage therapy and aromatherapy treatment.

At Breezeway Therapeutic Center of Marysville, we generally do not mix these two disciplines together out of concern for allergies.