About Breezeway

Hello my Name is Susan Birdzell and welcome to Breezeway Massage, the online home of Breezeway Therapeutic Center of Marysville Washington. I’ve been a practicing massage therapist In the Marysville area since 2003.

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BreezewayMassage.com is dedicated to helping internet travelers and clients of Breezeway Therapeutic Center understand more about the benefits of therapeutic massage and other organic/holistic treatments.

​I work with my son on this website and we try to do our best to provide you information offered about services at Breezeway as well as finding other great products and services we come across. Not all products and treatments are created equal!

​My Story

After making a decision in 1995 to make a career change, I attended Seattle School of Massage which taught massage therapy basics that included Kinesiology, hands on training at a working therapist office, and anatomy. I also learned how to keep clients safe during the massage and maintaining professionalism.

FACT: Gently pulling and rubbing or massaging your ears on the top, middle and bottom of your ear lobe once a day improves the immune system.

I’m very big on ethics and the massage therapy industry. I’ve taken several classes over the years (often taught by retired law enforcement) on massage therapy ethics and how to improve the overall perception of the massage industry. If you’re interested, you can check out this article here about massage ethics and boundaries.

During schooling, I was amazed at how therapeutic massage made people feel better by increasing circulation to various portions of the body which in turn decreased inflammation.

I developed a fascination for doing body work in general and the cultural variations of body work being performed around the world. Massage therapy has been practiced by not only the Chinese but the ancient Egyptians for thousands of years. Many techniques that massage therapists use today come from or are variations from these two cultures and many others.

It’s always been interesting to me how the power of massage can work wonders on making people feel better not only physically but also emotionally.

My massage practice

Starting your own business can be tough, but after a brief stint working out of another massage therapist’s office in Redmond Washington, I moved to Marysville and began working as a private contractor through a Chiropractic office.

​In 2003 I opened Breezeway Therapeutic Center, and began to build my practice. While building my massage practice, I became dedicated to helping my clients manage their pain.

FACT: Any kind of healthy touch can help to reduce heart rate and blood pressure.

In the massage therapy world there is always something new to learn! I enjoy taking extra classes whenever I can in order to provide my clients with a larger treatment ‘menu’ or options to choose from.

Although many of the classes I’ve taken over the years aren’t always used, it’s done a great deal to broaden my understanding of the human body and helping other get better.

What we do here

  • Listen to your health concerns
  • Provide you with a treatment plan
  • Give you info based on my experience and training
  • Recommend products/services that will help you

What we don't do

  • Promote or engage in "erotic" or "sexual" massage of any kind.
  • Have you make needless appointments
  • Suggest expensive unnecessary health products
  • Promote or suggest treatments that will not work

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For appointments in the Marysville and surrounding areas in Washington, feel free to call my office at 360.657.2755 or send me a message through our contact page.